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Our Services

 Full Service:  If the only part of gardening you actually see yourself doing is the eating part, you probably want to go with this program.  We take care of everything – from design & planning (based on your needs and your budget), to construction of beds, trellises, fencing, composting systems & drip irrigation.  Weekly maintenance ensures that planting, soil improvement, organic pest control, weeding & harvesting are all taken care of.

Education, Consultation & Planning:  If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, but just need some technical help, We’re there for you!  Want to make the most productive garden out a small space?  Transitioning to organic?  Interested in learning about sustainable soil improvement methods, and how to reduce/eliminate the need to purchase commercial organic fertilizers?   We can guide you through the sometimes confusing world of sustainable organic agriculture.

Soil Improvement:  Healthy soil is our specialty!  Deep, healthy soil and proper soil structure are vital to a healthy organic garden.  If your soil is poor, or if you’ve tried organic gardening with less-than-spectacular results, improving your soil could be the answer.  Deep, careful cultivation, along with rich organic compost and the appropriate natural soil amendments will get your soil on the path to recovery.  Healthy soil makes healthy plants.  Healthy plants, in turn, yield greater harvests and higher quality produce.

Construction:   Let us custom-build and install the structural components for your garden, such as fencing, pathways, borders, planter boxes, trellises, composting systems, irrigation, and more.   Whether strictly functional or decorative, we can fit your style and budget.   And with nearly twenty years experience in landscaping, building and fence construction trades, you can expect quality materials & careful attention to detail.

Garden-Sitting:  If you usually take care of your own gardening, but plan to be away for an extended time during the growing season, We can take care of things while you’re gone.  Weeds won’t get out of control, and produce won’t go to waste.  Harvested produce can be dropped off at a friend’s house, or donated to a local food pantry.

For regular maintenance plans, We generally serve most of Somerset County, plus bordering areas of Mercer, Hunterdon & Middlesex Counties (such as Princeton, Ringoes, Highland Park, etc).   For one-time projects, or consultation, we will tend to travel a bit further, depending on the size of the job, etc.   Feel free to call regarding your needs.