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Sustainable, organic vegetable gardening services, from concept to harvest…

your home gardenTruly HomeGrown
is dedicated to helping people live healthier, greener & more sustainable lifestyles,
by simplifying the process of growing food in
their own back yards.

I use natural, sustainable methods of gardening, adapted from ancient agricultural traditions, which abundantly sustained entire civilizations for thousands of years in Asia, Central America, and Europe.  These methods are not dependent upon petroleum energy or chemical fertilizers, but instead build and maintain soil fertility through careful nurturing of the soil and intensive composting methods.  In addition, these methods are very space-efficient, meaning that more food (50%-150% more!) can be grown in the same amount of space as in conventional gardening.

No matter how much (or little) space you may have for a garden, we can transform it into a vibrant, healthy garden.  From concept to harvest, a broad range of services can be customized to help you realize you garden goals.